All Hail the Big Daddy Pancake Wrap

What happens when you take scrambled eggs, home fries, breakfast sausage, bacon and cheddar cheese and wrap it all up in a buttermilk pancake, creating massive pancake hellbeast that could cure the hardest of hangovers and rattle the arteries of any diner who dares to conquer it?


 Butter and maple syrup served on the side.

Butter and maple syrup served on the side.

Made by the Rise N Shine Diner in East Syracuse, this breakfast behemoth will be cure--or cause--of all that ails you. Especially after you slather it in butter and maple syrup, which you know you shouldn't do, but do anyway because you're already eating a breakfast that would feed a small family wrapped up to form a bastardized burrito the size of an infant child, so what difference does it make.

It's only $9. I dare you to eat more than half.