Upstate NY Foodie Event of the Weekend: Asparaganza

By the time Central New York's farmers market fervor reaches its peak in mid-summer, locally-grown asparagus is already a thing of the past.

That's because the humble green stalks are early risers and in season for only about six weeks--from the beginning of May to around mid-June.

As the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and if that's true, then the absence of local asparagus for the other 10 1/2 months of the year should make you pretty darn fond.

Ok, so that's not true for everyone, but even if you don't long for asparagus in the dead of winter, a trip to the Good Life Farm and Finger Lakes Cider House for its annual Asparaganza festival is a drive worth making, because even the staunchest asparagus hater (as misguided as they are) can appreciate a day of live music, food trucks, drinks and tons of activities for the whole family on what's expected to be the only sunny day of the Memorial Day weekend.

Take a tour of Good Life Farm or an educational walk with herbalist Debbie Biltonen and learn which wild plants you can forage to help combat allergies, alleviate bee stings or just taste really good in a salad.

Thanks to Wellspring Forest Farm, you'll also have the chance to make a mushroom log and grow your own stash of shiitakes. By the way, mushrooms and asparagus together make a killer risotto.

There will be food from The Good Truck and ¡BiciCocina! with donuts from WhaleCat and ice cream from Cayuga Lake Creamery for dessert.

Wash it all down with beer from Ithaca's Bandwagon Pub, Farm & Brewery or cider from the Cider House, where not only can you taste cider made at Good Life Farm, but from fellow Finger Lakes producers Black Diamond Cider, Eve's Cidery and Redbyrd Orchard Cider. Taste five for only $5 or pick a flight of five three-ounce pours for $12.

While there will be lots of animals on the farm, please don't bring your own. No pets allowed.

Have you ever cut grass with a scythe? Didn't think so! Today's your chance to try your hand cutting grass as it was done in the days before lawnmowers. Leave the hooded black robe at home, grim reaper wannabes.

See the full live music schedule and more information.

Where: 4017 Hickok Road, Interlaken, N.Y.

When: Saturday, May 27, from 3 to 8 p.m.

How much: Free admission.