Review: Evan Williams Egg Nog
 Shelf-stable egg nog in all its glory.

Shelf-stable egg nog in all its glory.

Take cheap bourbon, rum, brandy and blended whiskey and mix them with shelf-stable egg nog and the results sound disastrous.

But that was so far off.

This is definitely something that needs to be chilled (trust me, I tried it at room temperature) pop it in the fridge.

When I poured it, it looked like egg nog. That may sound boring, but that’s a very good start. For something that spends its many days sitting room temperature on a shelf, I was worried it would separate and be watery. But no, it poured thick and slightly yellow, just like any other supermarket egg nog would.

The classic cinnamon spice flavors is mouth-warming and pleasant.

Oh no, I think I like Evan Williams Egg Nog.

You know what else warms your mouth? The alcohol in this drink. At 15% ABV, there is enough kick in here to know that this is a decidedly adult beverage. Fortunately, the alcohol complements the egg nog and doesn't overpower the flavor.

I was expecting one of two things: No alcohol flavor at all, or to taste like I dumped a bottle of vodka in a gallon of milk. Thankfully, it was somewhere in between the two. The drink is certainly on the sweeter side, which probably helped cut some of the alcohol bite.

The 750ml bottle, which retails for around $8, is exactly what it set out to be: a adulterated, alcoholic egg nog. It is surprisingly creamy and well-spiced, just like any dairy-based egg nog is supposed to be.

You’ve steered me wrong many times in the past Evan Williams, but you’ve done well here.